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The combination of brilliance and pulse energy

The LDFpulse laser is ideal for fast surface processing. With a beam quality of 4 mm mrad, pulse energies of up to 10 mJ are achieved. The pulse energy and the repetition rate can be adapted to the specific process requirements. The combination with scanner optics enables the processing of large surface areas in short processing times. LDFpulse is particularly suitable for applications to create very filigree surface structures or for large-area stripping of enamelled copper wires at highest process speeds.

A special feature of LDFpulse is the ability to switch between pulsed and CW operation. Thus, a single laser can be used for both pulsed and CW applications.


  • Paint stripping of hairpins
  • Surface cleaning (paint, pollution, oxidation)


  • Opening of dielectric layers
  • Surface activation of fiber composites for welding compounds
Max. laser power500 W1,000 W
Beam quality4 mm.mrad4 mm.mrad
 Other laser output powers on request
Pulse duration min.50 ns
Pulse energy max.10 mJ
Repetition rate30 to 100 kHz30 to 200 kHz
Wavelength1080 nm +/- 20 nm
Weightapprox. 800 kg
Dimensions1065 x 850 x 1845 mm³  (L x W x H)

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