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Laserline blue: Diode Lasers for the Processing of High Reflective Metals

The Challange

Low energy absorption of highly reflective metals such as copper or gold in the 1,000 nm wavelength range poses major challenges for standard IR lasers. The required high initial intensities induce processes often characterized by turbulent melt pools and spatter formation. Factors critical in the processing of electrical components.

The Solution

Laserline’s blue high power diode laser series optimizes the processing of copper, gold and its alloys in various ways. With approximately 445 nm, these lasers offer the ideal wavelength for the
laser processing of highly reflective metals. Multiple times higher absorption allows significantly lower intensities and larger laser spots.

3kW : The new Performance Class of Blue Lasers

With the new compact laser, a new performance class of blue industrial lasers is now available. The generation of up to 3,000 W cw blue laser light straight out of laser diodes is unique for industrial lasers. This technology avoids complex and inefficient wavelength conversions. Up to 3kW of available laser power supports both controlled heat conduction welding and keyhole welding processes offering significantly broadened application possibilities.


blue - 3kW Application Examples

2,9 kW | Single Pin 9,9 mm²


Welding of Hairpins | 9,9 mm(Single Pin)

  • Simple and robust process

  • High absorption and large spot sizes

  • Accepts gaps, misalignments and component tolerances

  • Short process times due to instant melt pool formation

Technical Advantages at a Glance

Blue diode lasers are based on Laserline product families established
in industrial applications for many years. They offer the most compact
visible lasers in this power class.

  • Up to 3,000 W cw power at approx. 445 nm
  • Scanner or fixed optic solutions provided for optimal beam delivery
  • Improved absorption on highly reflective metals
  • Industry proven system architecture
  • Highly stable process with calm  melt pool characteristics
  • Beam switch option

Laserline Blue Diode Lasers at a Glance

Max. laser power*400 W800 W1,000 W1,800 W2,000 W3,000 W
Beam Quality20 mm.mrad20 mm.mrad40 mm.mrad30 mm.mrad60 mm.mrad30mm.mrad
Optical Fiber400 µm [NA 0.1]400 µm [NA 0.1]400 µm [NA 0.2]600 µm [NA 0,1]600 µm [NA 0,2]600 µm [NA 0,1]
Fiber lengthup to 20 m
Power stability< ± 2% over 2 hours
Wavelength range445 nm ± 20 nm
Product seriesLDM      ...more informationenLDF

*Power specification at a fiber length of 5 m